Single Family Homes Rehab

The Single Family Homes Rehab program administers funds for renovations to keep homes safe, warm and dry in the Uptown and Binghampton TIF Districts.

**The CRA is launching the first phase of the Home Rehab program in Binghampton. Click here to download the application.**


homes were completed in Phase 1 and Phase 2 is underway.


homes are currently underway for Phase 2


homeowners are on the waitlist

“I applied for the grant and I was fortunate to receive it and have work done on my hot water heater, HVAC and much more. All this work has even increased the value of my home. Now I can look forward to many, many more years in my home.”

-Sara Ray

Waiting List Form

Applications for this program are currently closed. Fill out the form below to join the waiting list.