CRA Staff

Lobelia Cole-Smith

Chief Financial Officer

Lobelia is no stranger to North Memphis. She grew up in Smokey City. Her mother and other family members haven’t left the neighborhood. In 2022, Lobelia’s presence in Uptown became more frequent when she became the first Chief Financial Officer (CFO) at CRA. Managing the agency’s budget and maintaining a current audit is what Lobelia is focused on. The rewards of being CFO go well beyond crunching numbers. Lobelia is rediscovering her childhood neighborhood while assisting in beautifying the community. She takes pride in aiding the Single Family Homes Rehab program, Block Wellness program, and watching land—like the improved Morris Park—get redeveloped. Off the clock, Lobelia continues to challenge herself. She keeps busy by testing her mind with jigsaw and word puzzles.

Lobelia has an associate’s degree from Southwest Tennessee, attended Christian Brothers University, and received a Bachelor of Science in Accounting from the University of Phoenix. Before joining the CRA, she served as Finance Director and Director of Operations at SRVS, and has experience managing large programs and grants.

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