CRA Staff

Andrew Murray


Andrew Murray has 15+ years of experience in urban planning. He holds a Master’s degree in Urban Planning from the University of Illinois-Urbana.  Andrew assisted the City of Joplin with the creation of the largest TIF redevelopment area plan in the State of Missouri. The plan was an effort to rebuild after the May 2011 tornado. Andrew also managed the Missouri DREAM program – a multi-million-dollar economic development program for rural communities’ main streets.

Andrew was tapped by the Community Redevelopment Agency Board to help launch the CRA as an independent agency and recruit a CRA President and staff. The CRA subsequently brought Andrew to Memphis to serve as CRA President Rosalyn Willis’ Director of Planning and Community Development. Andrew helped the CRA establish the community-based Binghampton TIF District and two amendments to the (now) community-based Uptown TIF District in order to serve neighborhoods such as Smokey City and New Chicago. At the CRA, Andrew leads community development and long-term strategic planning for the CRA. He manages planning and community development programs, including the Uptown Lots Reimagined vacant lot revitalization program and the land acquisition program. He assists the CRA President as a liaison to City and County legislative bodies and agencies. Andrew also reviews TIF funding applications, working with the applicants to assure compliance with TIF regulations and the requirements of the CRA.

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