CRA Staff

Kimani Shotwell

Director of Community Building, Engagement, and Impact

Before joining the CRA, Shotwell was the Director of Athletics for Memphis Athletic Ministries (MAM). Shotwell’s work in youth development through sports served more than 1500 students across 8 MAM locations. Previously, Shotwell served as Director of Basketball at British Columbia Christian Academy. There, he developed an international boarding program for high school aged student athletes from 9 different countries. Shotwell has redirected his passion for youth and young adult development by helping restore the communities that mold them through his work with the CRA. Shotwell intentionally finds ways to attract and collaborate with on the ground community partners/business owners to transform neighborhood community spaces and vacant properties. He has developed a neighborhood block by block approach to eliminating conditions of blight called, The Block Wellness Program. Through the program Shotwell oversees the revitalization of 8-10 private properties weekly and 3-5 public spaces monthly.